American Nightmare – 3×60 Raw for Netflix – Exec Prod. Rebecca north, Fiona Stourton

Major Netflix mini-series, telling the incredible story of a kidnapping nobody believed was true.

Fight the Power : How Hip Hop Changed the World – 1 x 60 BBC Studios for BBC2/PBS

Weaving together Music & Social history, this film charts the Civil rights movement through Hip Hop.

Caught Out : Crime, Corruption, Cricket – Feature doc, Passion for Netflix – Exec Prod. Amy Foster, Francis Longhurst

A cricket scandal uncovered by fearless jounalists and cops rocks India.

The Bolsonaros – 1 x 60 BBC Studios for BBC2 – Exec Prod. Ricardo Pollack

The unbelievable rise of the ‘Trump of the Tropics’ – and what it could mean for the future of the planet

Devil’s Advocate : The Mostly True story of Giovanni Di Stefano – 1 x 60 Wonderhood for Sky Originals Dir. Sam Hobkinson Exec Prod. Sam Anstiss

He was lawyer to the world’s biggest villains – Saddam Hussein, Harold Shipman, Slobodan Milosovic : at least that’s what everyone thought. Comic Thriller told in a cinematic style.

Blair & Brown : The New Labour Revolution – 4 x 60 BBC Studios for BBC 2 Exec.Steve Condie

Major series spanning the birth, rise and fall of New Labour, told by the people who lived it. I cut the final episode then worked on story across most of the series

Catching Killers’ – 1 x 60 Raw for Netflix Exec. Prod. Louise Norman

A serial killer re-emerges after 30 years – and three cops must catch him before he strikes again. Told entirely from their perspective, it plays like a scandi-noir – set in Kansas

‘America : The Story Of Us’- Nutopia for History Dir. David Belton

A mega doc made in deepest lockdown – telling how America survived past crises and grew back stronger

‘The Windsors : Inside the Royal Dynasty’ – 1 x 60 for CNN – Exec Prod. Louise Norman

Chronicling the world’s most famous royal family.  I told the story of Prince Charles tragic quest to find the right bride – and worked across the rest of the series.

‘Race to the Whitehouse’ – 2×60 Raw for CNN – Series Prod.Emma Whitlock

Presidential races told as style political thrillers.  I cut films about Eisenhower vs. Stevenson and Ford vs. Carter.

‘Mystery of the Lost Pyramid’ – 1×60 Lion for Channel 4/Smithsonian  – Dir. Stuart Elliot

Egyptologists have discovered a new pyramid – and it’s burial chamber is sealed with a ten ton stone.  Historical detective documentary blending Obs Doc with Animation.

‘The Bush Years : Family, Duty, Power’ – 3 x 60 Raw for CNN – Exec Prod. Louise Norman

Landmark series exploring the dynamics of a family that shaped America.  Responsible for editing half the series.

‘American Dynasties : The Kennedys’ – 1 X 60 Raw for CNN – Series Prod. Melanie Archer

Major historical series, narrated by Martin Sheen, charting nearly a century in the life of America’s most famous family.

‘The 80’s/90’s greatest’ – 2 x 30 Nutopia for Nat Geo – Series Producers Amy Foster & Gabriella Polletta

Telling the story of the two important decades in American history, through archive and high profile interviewees such as Jane Fonda, Michael J. Fox and Tony Blair.

‘Stuck On You : The Football Sticker Story’ – 1 X 60 for ITV – Dir.Andy Wells

The tale of four Italian brothers who turned a childhood obsession into a global phenomenon, and the band of British upstarts who saved it from the clutches of Robert Maxwell

SAS Rogue Warriors’ – 3 X 60 BBC Productions for BBC 2 – Dir. Matthew Wiseman

Author Ben Macyntire tells the incredible stories of the three men who created a legendary fighting force during World War Two

‘Iron Men’ – Feature Documentary for Signature Entertainment – Dir.Paul Crompton

The bittersweet story of West Ham leaving Upton Park, home for over 112 years, and the extraordinary final game on that famous ground. Featuring actor Ray Winstone and 100 year old fan Mabel

‘The Banksy Job’ – Feature Documentary for Ipso Facto Films – Prod. Christine Alderson

The true story of a Banksy statue stolen off the streets of London in broad daylight and held to ransom by an audacious – if quite haphazard – artist called ‘AK-47’.

‘Inside the Commons’ – 1×60 Atlantic for BBC2 – Prod. Emma Whitlock

Cameras follow a year in Westminster, blending politics with observational documentary to present a unique and accessible insight into the corridors of power

‘Escape to the Chateau’ – 1 x 60 Spark for Channel 4 – Prod. Paul Crompton

Dick Strawbridge has bought a 45 bedroom French Chateau with 12 acres of land – for just £280,000.  But can he completely rennovate it in time for his wedding in just 9 months time?

The Aviatrix : Capetown to Goodwood’ – 1 x 60  Nylon Films for BBC4 

Pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor flies all the way up Africa in a vintage 1930’s Biplane, following the slipstream of forgotten heroine Lady Mary Heath

‘Hunt Vs. Lauda’ – 1 x 60 Lion for BBC 2 – Dir. Matthew Whiteman

The glamour of 1970’s racing is the backdrop for a tale of jealousy, rivalry and a life-changing crash.

‘The Limbless Mountaineer’ – 1 x 60 5 Productions for Channel 5 – Dir. Paul Crompton

Inspiring story of an attempt to scale the Matahorn mountain – by a quadruple amputee. Can Jamie reach the top despite having neither hands nor feet?

‘Skint (series 2)’ – Keo for Channel 4 Online – Exec Prod. Katie Buchanan

Characters from the hit series give their views on controversial topics surrounding poverty in Britain.

‘Double Cross : The story of the D-Day Spies’ – 1 x 60 Walker George Films for BBC 2 – Prod. Sally George

The story of the double agents who secured the success of the Normandy Landings, risking their lives to fool Hitler. Based on Ben Macintyre’s best-selling book.

‘Timothy Spall : Somewhere at sea’ – 6 X 30 (over 3 series) – Barge Pole for BBC 4 – dir. Paul Crompton

BAFTA Nominated adventure with well-loved actor Timothy Spall. Can he navigate his way around the seas of Britain – in a barge?

‘War Time Farm + Edwardian Farm’ – 2 x 60 Lion for BBC 2 – Exec Prod. David Upshall 

Popular living history series where three historians recreate life on a Farm in Edwardian and Second World War Britain.

‘The Great Train Robbery’s Missing Mastermind’ – 1 x 60 Lion for Channel 4 – Prod. Bill Locke

Archive investigation, on the hunt for the ‘Inside Man’ at the Post Office who helped plan the famous robbery.

‘Goodnight, Britain’ – 1 x 60 Wall to Wall for BBC 1 – Dir.Marcus Sulley

Observational Documentary looking into the bedrooms of people with sleep disorders.

‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ – 3 x 60 Love productions for ITV1 – SP : Heenan Bhaati

Moving documentary following homeless people going to live with celebrities – can they turn their lives around?

‘JFK : The Lost Tapes’ – 1 x 60 Arrow for Discovery USA 

Never aired tapes from the President’s plane shed new light on his final days

The Battle For Britain’s Roads – 1 x 60 Steadfast for BBC1 – Exec. Charles Thompson

Prime Time documentary about the war between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians